Conference meet-ups 2020

Scott Mitchell

This project got off the ground almost entirely by the will of Pierce Salguero who organized a meet-up of like-minded friends and colleagues at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion in San Diego this past fall. If this project is going to have any impact, we believe it needs to be sustained … Continue reading “Conference meet-ups 2020”

Toward a Repertoire of Academic Kindness

Justin Ritzinger

One of the things that we discussed at the initial meet-up for #humanehumanities some of us went to at the American Academy of Religion last month was trying to build a collection of “best practices” for supporting others in the field, particularly those who are more junior or precarious. I think all of us have … Continue reading “Toward a Repertoire of Academic Kindness”

Let’s put more humanity in the humanities!

Pierce Salguero

This was first posted to on Jul. 5, 2019. Academics live our lives searching out angles by which to critique and to challenge the status quo. So, perhaps it’s inevitable that instead of building communities of mutual care, we are constantly reenforcing habits of judgment, both of each other and of ourselves. Abusive relationships … Continue reading “Let’s put more humanity in the humanities!”