Conference meet-ups 2020

This project got off the ground almost entirely by the will of Pierce Salguero who organized a meet-up of like-minded friends and colleagues at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion in San Diego this past fall. If this project is going to have any impact, we believe it needs to be sustained by real-life connections and meet-ups. Annual and regional conferences are both where we are most likely to congregate and institutions or communities in need of humane interventions.

To help foster real-life connections, below is a list of humanities-based or humanities-adjacent conferences happening in 2020. We’d like to encourage folks attending these conferences to organize a #humanehumanities meet-up. We’ll help amplify the meet-up via our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and if you’re so inclined, you can even take over the Twitter account during the conference to further the conversation.

The below list is by no means comprehensive! Academia being what it is, we tend to specialize into our too-often siloed disciplines. One of our hopes in this project is to make new connections across disciplines, so please contribute to this list by adding whatever annual or regional conference you’re attending or organizations that have been overlooked. I’ll continually update this page, as we move through the year.

Feel free to reach out to myself or Pierce if you’re willing or able to organize a meet-up and want some support from our end (or tell us if you’re already doing it!). Please use the comments to make suggestions on how to organize an effective meet-up or if you have questions about what that might look like.

Here’s to a more humane 2020!

2020 Conferences:

  • American Historical Association (AHA), January 3-6, New York (sorry this post is so late! We’ll do better next year!)
  • American Political Science Association (APSA), January 8-9, Albuquerque.
  • Modern Language Association (MLA), January 9-12, Seattle.
  • Association for Asian Studies (AAS), March 19-22, Boston. Meet-up organizer: Azalia P. Muchransyah (
  • American Philosophical Association (APA), 3 regional meetings in January, February, and April.
  • American Sociological Association (ASA), August 8-11, San Francisco.
  • American Anthropological Association (AAA), November 18-22, St. Louis.
  • American Academy of Religion (AAR) (held concurrently with the Society for Biblical Literature, SBL), November 21-24, Boston. Meet-up organizer: Scott Mitchell (

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Author: Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell is the Dean of the Institute of Buddhist Studies and a member of the doctoral faculty at the Graduate Theological Union. He teaches and writes about Buddhism in the West, Buddhist modernism, Pure Land Buddhism, and Buddhism and media.

6 thoughts on “Conference meet-ups 2020”

  1. Thanks a lot for starting this topic. I am going to present at the AAS and I would love to meet up with fellow #humanehumanities members! This is going to be my first year attending the conference, so I don’t have any specific suggestions, but I guess we can start small by organizing a casual meetup on a specific time. Maybe for a coffee in a cafe nearby the event venue? If many people are interested on meeting up in this specific conference, then we can discuss further on changing the venue to a bigger place. Feel free to reach out to me here on the website or Facebook group to discuss further. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much for volunteering! Let us know if we can help. I won’t be going to AAS this year, but I have a lot of colleagues who go regularly so I’ll to help signal boost.

      1. I’d be happy to coordinate. I’m assuming this would be an unofficial meet-up. Thanks for responding!

        1. Yes, unofficial. Since we’re not really an organization in any official capacity, so far this movement is organic. We hope to create ways for folks to connect via this site and the Twitter and Facebook accounts, and see what develops naturally.

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